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"Holiness is not the luxury of a few. It is everyone's duty: yours and mine."  ~Mother Teresa


A two year program of study begins the life, based on the study of the Lay Missionaries of Charity Statutes united to the General Letters of the Founder, Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala M.C., to the LMCs.   The General Letters detail the structure and charism of the Lay Missionaries of Charity, which is a life of prayer and union with Christ, and service as contemplatives in the heart of the world to all those we meet, especially in our own families. These letters are found in The M.C. Train by Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala M.C.

The study of the Missionaries of Charity charism, the teachings of the LMC Spiritual Directors, and the on-going life of grace in the Church and the Sacraments are integrated in a life of growth in holiness which is nourishing, affirming, strengthening and full of life.

Our active life includes prayer, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, frequent attendance at Holy Mass, study together in our LMC groups, and service to the poorest of the poor, especially to the members of our own family after the example of Jesus, Mary and St Joseph.   We strive to be light, love and life in the heart of the world.