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MC Brothers Contemplative Foundation Day


MC Brothers Contemplative
Founded on March 19, 1979


Who are the Brothers Contemplative?

Our Society known as the Missionaries of Charity-Contemplative is a diocesan religious Institute composed of Brothers and priests with equal rights and obligations, founded by St. Teresa of Kolkata with Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala M.C., on 19 March 1979. The members take public vows of Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and whole-hearted free Service to the poorest of the poor lived according to the Institute’s own Constitutions:

With a life marked by an intense life of prayer, penance and works of mercy in simplicity and humility within their own communities and in the heart of the world, aided by the Superior who is their father, teacher and guide.

Who are called by the Lord to reflect, live and diffuse the Spirit, Charism and Mission entrusted to our Foundress, St. Teresa of Kolkata.

One of God’s special gifts to our Contemplative Branch is the Movement of the Lay Missionaries of Charity, which is meant to be at the service of the family, to promote and foster “unity and fidelity in marriage guided by love and peace, as the future of humanity passes by way of the family” (St. John Paul II).

Our aim is to satiate the infinite thirst of Jesus, on the Cross and in the Eucharist, for love and for souls, by the profession of the evangelical counsels and the fourth vow of whole-hearted free service to the poorest of the poor, lived and exercised daily through Eucharistic adoration, prayer, penance and works of mercy.

Our Brothers are sent for various trainings to meet the needs of the Society and our service to the Poorest of the Poor. All Brothers may be sent for studies of philosophy and theology. The decision of the various forms of studies and training rests on the Father General and his Council.

We are an Institute of Brothers of whom some can be priests as well. It is important that each Brother should entrust his state of life entirely to the hands of God and be happy always to remain in the lowest place, as well as humbly to accept any appointments given to him. The criterion for us is not what form of training one is sent for but how one remains docile to the Society and his love for it. Whatever our status with respect to clerical ordination, we will remain Brothers, and call one another ‘Brother’, with the sole exception of the Father General.

The Society will entirely depend on Divine Providence for all its needs, spiritual and temporal.

Contact us for more information on becoming an MC-Contemplative Brother.